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Welcome to the ToolBoox documentation

ToolBoox born from the experience of over 15 years in the programming world of its creator. The library includes over 90 functions functions often used for the production of web applications and medium/large websites The collection is divided easily into static classes to access the individual functions. Has a linear structure and is easy to use and can be easily integrated into .NET projects

How to use

Check it out the "How to install ToolBoox" section in this documentation to begin.

Getting started with functions

ToolBoox has a simple structure and linear to allow easy integration into existing projects and easy detections of functions.

  • ToolBoox.AppSetting - Magical functions that allow you to work with AppSetting web.config section directly from server side.

  • ToolBoox.Browser - Simple functions that allow you to know the properties of the browser used by the visitor to the pages, useful for debugging code or forced.

  • ToolBoox.Compression - Quick functions based on GZIP compression for faster loading of data

  • ToolBoox.Conversion - Large number of functions that allow you to convert lists and squeezes in as many objects. Also included are some security features of the strings (for use in the login form for example) and conversion of byte arrays

  • ToolBoox.Cookie - Simple and immadiate functions to load, save and delete cookies directly on the server side. Handle both simple cookie cookie with multiple values ​​formed by the addition of a function to determine if the browser can use it.

  • ToolBoox.Crypt - Complex collection of compression functions based on the Rijndael's algorithm, often used to save the encrypted passwords in the database. They are based on the values ​​of seed and salt determined by the user.

  • ToolBoox.Drawing - Many functions that allow you to work on the images and on stream in memory. They include black and white conversions, downsizing, cutbacks, identification of the current rotation matrix and working with color. The functions that have always tried to manage your images.

  • ToolBoox.FileSupport - Some features that help you manage files on remote and local.

  • ToolBoox.GUID - Functions for encoding and decoding of Guid objects, useful for saving in database fields.

  • ToolBoox.Javascript - Collection of functions for writing and inject JavaScript code in a page. Net through the server side. useful in web applications and projects in which the server-side processing is complex.

  • ToolBoox.Mail - Many functions for sending email through more or less user-defined parameters. It also includes functions for use templete txt and html emails are easy to create and manage. In addition, the variety of options allows you to use features at a basic or advanced level.

  • ToolBoox.Password - Interesting set of features that allow you to manage the integration and creation of password correctly and not repetitive. It will be possible to generate valid passwords but also to check the validity of the password to login the same defining controls and lengths. Must have for all those who develop login form.

  • ToolBoox.Strings - Easy to effective management functions on strings of some tedious tasks such as converting from HTML to plain text, the sosituszione links, cut in fixed lengths and so on.

  • ToolBoox.PointMath - Mathematical functions that allow you to work on 2d points and their rotation on the plane, spatial rotation and occupation.

  • ToolBoox.Misc - Generic collection of useful functions that space from the identification of the IP of the visitor, the creation of a database connection string in well-formed, from the realtime w3c validation to the recursive search of web controls in a page, from the table in search engines known to the reading xml file.

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