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How to install ToolBoox

The following describes in a simple and immediate way how to add the TooolBoox library to your project, both in new and existing project.

  • Microsoft visual studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013

  • Asp.NET project

  • C# language

Set up project
  • 1. Open Visual Studio

  • 2. Create new project or open existing project

  • 3. Right click on Solutions Explorer and click on Add reference to add ToolBoox.dll to your current .net project.

  • 4. Now browse ToolBoox.dll from file system

    toolboox-addreference 2
  • 5. You will see reference of ToolBoox.dll in Solution Explorer under Bin folder

    toolboox-addreference 3
  • 6. Now import namespace "ToolBoox" of the library as shown in below screenshot with "using ToolBoox;" directive in the header of .cs file

    toolboox-addreference 4
  • 7. Now you can use all functions as shown in screenshot

    toolboox-addreference 5
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